Being a Nomad

Travel, which sometimes sounds like a fancy word or a hard thing which people do. I beg to differ here, traveling for me isn’t about visiting places but it’s about rejoicing the struggle to find the destination.

That fact of traveling has made my life a whole lot better than I usually was. I have no shame in letting people know that I was in a bad state a few years ago. The one who couldn’t talk to people, wouldn’t adjust and many more. And yeah, I have gone through some counseling sessions too, but the time I started traveling is the time I realized that life was not only about the happiness but also rejoicing the struggles. Understanding this has made me into a  new person. I’m sure mine isn’t the only case where travel has shown me a path, there are a lot of others having similar experiences.

Now, why would I do this blog?

The ultimate joy you get when you to narrate your story to others is what traveling is all about. I’m not a writer here but will be trying my best to share my happiness of traveling through stories and pictures. This blog would be about my life through the places and people I have met along my few journeys, and I welcome all of you to share yours with your posts, comments, pictures.

Lets spread joy through stories here!

What this blog would contain?

  • My view and perceptions of traveling and the stories which I have made through the journey.
  • A quick review of the upcoming bikes in 2018.
  • The struggles and rejoicing moments of the people who ticketed off things from their bucket list!